About us

A company of traditions

During the 1970s, the manufacture of wire products became increasingly automated and when Nils’ sons took over the business with new ideas and new energy, the company developed rapidly. The number of employees increased to 75 and new machinery was acquired, including mesh welding equipment that was considered revolutionary in the industry.

In 1991, the business moved to new premises which are still the company’s home today. A number of renovations have increased the size of the company premises.

Since 2005, Heijel Production AB has been run by the third generation of the Heijel family, Martin Heijel, who together with Sonny Ingebrigtsen is further modernising the company.

Then as now we are located in Hillerstorp in Småland, southern Sweden, where we are carrying on a family tradition.

Heijel Production - Historik

Heijel Production AB - Historik