Heijel Production AB is a leading manufacturer of wire products

Heijel Production AB is a leading manufacturer in its field. All types of wire-based components are manufactured by our knowledgeable team. Our product range mainly consists of wire products specially designed for shop fittings, such as wire baskets, wire shelves, shopping trolleys and sign stands, etc. The products are used, among other places, in the interior design and cleaning industries, as well as the white goods and engineering industries. The breadth of our range is our strength, and we are experts in a number of different products. Our modern machinery and wealth of expertise guarantee versatile, contemporary solutions. We are constantly working to improve by investing in modern machinery and ensuring staff development. The pace at which society is progressing is accelerating all the time, and so we are also increasing our pace. Here at Heijel Production AB we are open to new challenges and we feel that we lead rather than follow developments in our industry.

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