Wire shelves and shop shelves

Wire shelves and shop shelves

Reversible for flexibility

A selection of our production of wire shelves and shop shelves.

As a manufacturer of wire products and wire components, we manufacture items according to the customer’s needs and specifications. Our wire shelves are reversible and have been designed to allow for attachment of labels and info strips. The shelves can also be manufactured as corner shelves with a 90-degree or 45-degree inner corner or outer corner. All shop shelves can be supplemented with detachable dividers, ends and front stops.

Standard width: 900 mm and 600 mm
Standard depth: 330 mm, 430 mm, 530 mm and 630 mm

Standard or customer-specific

In addition to standard dimensions, all of our easy-to-install shelves can be manufactured according to customer-specific requirements for maximum flexibility.

Dividers, ends and front stops

When it comes to dividers, ends and front stops, there is a large selection with a vast number of different designs and dimensions available. In addition to our standard designs, all products can be customised for maximum adaptability and flexibility.

Customer-specific solutions

All products can be adapted to the customer’s specific needs.

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